A Gummy Goose for Good Luck: Holiday Helpers Writing Contest #1

It’s time once again for another one of Susanna Hill’s wonderful writing contests! This is the tenth year of the holiday contest and my third year participating. The 2018 holiday contest was my first kid lit writing contest ever. The rules are to write a holiday story for children (ages 12 and under) that involves helping. Check out the rules and all the stories here.


By Sarah Meade

Word Count: 250

Jill’s granny always said to eat a gummy goose on New Year’s Eve for good luck. 

After her family moved, Jill needed some good luck– and some friends.

“I’ve gotta get a gummy goose for good luck!” Jill said.

“Better hurry,” said Mom. “Candy Castle closes at four.”  

Jill hustled. 

She passed an icy driveway. A girl mumbled and grumbled.

“I’ll help!” Jill pulled the stuck shovel.  

“Thanks! I’m Lucy.”

“I’m Jill. I’m getting a gummy goose for good luck. Bye!”

Jill passed the post office. A lady fumbled and stumbled.

“I’ll help!” Jill gathered up the dropped mail. 

“Thank you! I’m Ingrid.”

“I’m Jill. I’m getting a gummy goose. Bye!”

She passed the park. A boy flailed and wailed. 

“Need help?” asked Jill. 

The boy clutched a leash. “I can’t find Snowball!”

They looked and looked. 



“Thank you! I’m Aiden.”

“I’m Jill…” 


“Gotta go!”


“Almost there.”  




Jill charged inside.
“One gummy goose, please!”

The shopkeeper sighed. “Sorry. Sold out.”

Jill’s eyes filled with tears. 

She mumbled and grumbled. She fumbled and stumbled to the door. Outside she flailed and wailed.

She trudged home.

No gummy goose.

No good luck for the New Year.

That night Jill skipped the New Year’s countdown. 

In the morning, she plodded outdoors. 


“Hi, Jill! Want to go sledding?”  



At the park…

“Hi, Jill!”

Aiden and Snowball!


“Meet my grandchildren!” 

Jill grinned.

Even without a gummy goose, the new year felt pretty lucky.

from GIPHY

The idea of a gummy goose for good luck was inspired by the peppermint pigs sold by Saratoga Candy Co.

Thank you for reading!

Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels

Published by Sarah Meade

Children's Writer

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  1. Nice work on this one! So much (well paced) action in less than 250 words! Love how she comes full circle, and the ending line wraps it up nicely.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I was wondering what a gummy goose was! I am glad you included the inspiration at the end. And I am so glad Jill’s selfless actions brought her the friends she wanted!! Good luck!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I can’t believe this story is only 250 words…it’s so well written and feels complete! My heart sank for Jill when she didn’t get her gummy goose. But, it sounds like what she DID get was much more meaningful! 🙂 Good luck!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Wow! You did so much with so few words. I enjoyed reading a New Years story. Now I have to find a store that sells gummy gooses. Good luck!

    Liked by 1 person

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