12 Treats of Christmas!

I love everything about Christmastime, and with a year like 2020, I’m trying to make the holidays as merry and magical for my children as I can. Here are 12 treats we’ve tried so far this December. They’re treats to make, treats for play, and of course treats to eat!

Treats to Make!

When it comes to crafts, I like easy and fun! We created wreaths and candy canes with Fruit Ring cereal, foam ornaments with glitter glue and googly eyes, and colorful gift bags and ornaments with markers and paint. We also tried salt dough ornaments this year.

Treats for Play!

Thank you to my friend and Critique Sister Nicole for sending me recipes for homemade play dough and sensory snow. My little ones loved playing with both. I added peppermint extract to the play dough for a candy cane smell. Nicole adds ginger and cinnamon to hers to create gingerbread play dough. The sensory snow ended up smelling really great too, because we used Marula Magic Salon Selectives conditioner (from the dollar store!) Nicole shared a handy tip: keep the sensory snow in the refrigerator so that it’s nice and cold (authentic-feeling!) for the next play session. My kids LOVED that the snow was chilly the second time we used it.

Treats to Eat!

When I was little, my mom always made a variety of Christmas cookies during December. Normally I make one kind: Hopscotch Crunchies (aka Haystacks). I did make them again this year, but I also stirred up some other sweet treats with my little ones. We made good, old-fashioned Rice Krispies treats and made them festive with green food coloring and red sugar sprinkles. We also baked up a batch of Grandma’s pumpkin chocolate chip cookies, gingerbread cookies (from a box mix— I like easy), and a brand-new recipe for Chewy Double Chocolate Peppermint Cookies (Thanks, Nicole!)

Another fun treat for me has been reading all the excellent entries for Susanna Hill’s Holiday Helpers writing contest.

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What are your favorite holiday treats? I’m always on the look-out for fun and easy crafts and recipes.

Thanks for reading! Happy holidays!

Published by Sarah Meade

Children's Writer

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  1. You’ve been so busy, Sarah! It reminds me of when I was younger and had more energy. Such fun pictures of your kids, too! Merry Christmas!

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