Thursday Read-Throughs

What does your manuscript sound like read aloud?

Every week I offer Thursday Read-Throughs. I’ll read aloud and record three manuscripts for three randomly drawn winners per week. I record my first read-throughs, which can be helpful for writers to hear when editing.

If you’d like to participate in Thursday Read-Throughs, follow me on Twitter and retweet my pinned tweet by Thursday at 9 PM EST.

Winners may submit any kid lit manuscript that’s 1,000 words or less. This includes picture book manuscripts and MG or YA first pages. I’m also happy to read aloud poetry that’s less than 1,000 words. If you’ve won in the past, you’re eligible to win again.

If you do not win, but would still like a read-through of your work, check out my Services for Writers page. Maryna Doughty, the original creator of Thursday Read-Throughs also offers read-through services.

Thanks for joining me for Thursday Read-Throughs!

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