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Sarah Meade: Children’s Writer

Sarah Meade

Writer for Children


Sarah Meade is a reader, writer, mom, and former elementary educator. Her poetry and stories have been published in Hop to It: Poems to Get You Moving (Pomelo, 2020), as well as Babybug, Ladybug, Highlights Hello, High Five, and Phoenix English magazine, with additional pieces forthcoming in Spider, High Five, Ladybug, Babybug, and Phoenix English. She’s a PAL member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators, co-host of #KidLitZombieWeek, Madness! Poetry authlete, and host of Thursday Read-Throughs. When not writing or reading piles of picture books, Sarah can be found chasing her children around their local playgrounds in North Carolina.


Hop to It: Poems to Get You Moving

Children’s Magazines

  • Setting the Table, High Five, April 2023
  • Breakfast By Me, The Toy, Food Issue 2023
  • A Start, Little Thoughts Press, New Beginnings Issue 2023
  • New Year’s Day, Little Thoughts Press, New Beginnings Issue 2023
  • Start Small, Little Thoughts Press, New Beginnings Issue 2023
  • Bella and Daddy, High Five, February 2023
  • Alphabet, Interrupted, High Five, January 2023
  • Sophie Goes Sock Skating, Ladybug, January 2023
  • Wish, Ladybug, November/December 2022
  • Winter Cuddles, Babybug, November/December 2022
  • Autumn Fairies, Babybug, October 2022
  • On the Move, Phoenix English, July 2022
  • Bandages! High Five, April 2022
  • Lizzie’s Bedtime Questions, Ladybug, April 2022
  • A Piece of Cake, Ladybug, January 2022
  • Bubbles, Babybug, January 2022
  • Time for Sleep, Highlights Hello, October 2021
  • Gavin Sets Sail, Ladybug, July/August 2021
  • Days of the Week Dance, Ladybug, April 2021
  • On Barn Painting Day, Ladybug, September 2020
  • To the Tip-Top! Ladybug, May 2020
  • Party in the Cart, Ladybug, February 2020
  • Snow Claps, Babybug, January 2020
  • Sunny’s Sunglasses, High Five (forthcoming)
  • Dear Mom, Spider (forthcoming)
  • Let’s Go! Babybug (forthcoming)
  • Banana Bonanza, High Five (forthcoming)
  • Piper’s Pumpkin Party, High Five (forthcoming)
  • Beach Trail, Ladybug (forthcoming)
  • Our Tea Party, Babybug (forthcoming)

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