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Hop to It: Poems to Get You Moving

Children’s Magazines

  • “Time for Sleep,” Highlights Hello, October 2021
  • “Gavin Sets Sail,” Ladybug, July/August 2021
  • “Days of the Week Dance,” Ladybug, April 2021
  • “On Barn Painting Day,” Ladybug, September 2020
  • “To the Tip-Top!” Ladybug, May 2020
  • “Party in the Cart,” Ladybug, February 2020
  • “Snow Claps,” Babybug, January 2020
  • “Bubbles,” Babybug (forthcoming)
  • “Bella Builds a Snow Blower,” High Five (forthcoming)
  • “Sunny’s Sunglasses,” High Five (forthcoming)
  • “A Piece of Cake,” Ladybug (forthcoming)
  • “Bandages!” High Five (forthcoming)

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