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I read and critique over 200 picture book manuscripts a year. In 2020, I worked as a reader intern for a literary agent for over eight months, reading and reporting on dozens of MG and YA manuscripts and first pages.  

I’m happy to offer the following services for writers.

First Read-Through Recordings

I will record my first read-through of your work. Feel free to send multiple manuscripts.

Mini Critique

I will record my first read-through of your work and write up a mini critique. This includes my thoughts on the plot, character development, and language.

Full Critique with Line Edits

I will record my first read-through of your work and complete a full critique, including line edits for picture book manuscripts, short stories, and MG/YA first pages.

Sarah looks at my manuscripts in ways I never thought of looking. Her “what if’s” or “how about this” questions turn my manuscripts into ready-to-query stories! Sarah’s storytime voice makes a beautiful read-aloud. Hearing her read my stories is magic and helps me make needed changes.” –Dedra Davis

Sarah brings a depth of knowledge in children’s literature, expert editing skills, and a respectful coaching style. She’s an ideal editor, because she brings the best of both worlds: the ability to see the ‘big picture’ and identify issues with story arc and themes, and sharp editing skills that drill down to the level of word choice, verb tense, and sentence structure. She offers thoughtful questions and suggestions to take my manuscript to the next level, without losing my style or the spirit of what I’m trying to accomplish. I credit Sarah with helping me develop and polish several manuscripts for submission to agents, contests, and magazines. Sarah has a soothing, clear voice — it’s a delight to hear her read my work, and bring stories to life! ” –Kelsey Gross

Sarah Meade provides excellent feedback on critiques. Her insights and suggestions have helped me improve many stories. She asks questions that when answered by the author always lead to a greater depth of story. I highly recommend Sarah to help you improve any writing project.” –Kim Larson

Sarah always provides quick and thorough feedback. You can count on her to be honest in a constructive way that points you in the right direction for your next revision. Her voice recordings are an added feature that makes her critiques truly unique. “ –Ashley Congdon

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