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Halloweensie 2022

Hooray for Halloweensie!

It’s time again for Halloweensie, hosted by Susanna Leonard Hill. Her new book Alphabedtime just came out on October 25. It’s illustrated by Betsy Snyder.

Here’s my five-star review: This book is so much fun and so charming! I love the illustrations of the Alphababies and all their adorable antics. This book is perfect for the littlest listeners because of its delightful rhyme and snappy pacing, but it’s also great for preschoolers and kindergarteners (my children’s age range). My kids were so excited to sing the ABCs in the middle of the book. They immediately chimed in with me as I read and beamed the whole time. ALPHABEDTIME makes me beam too!

Now onto the contest!


The Halloweensie writing contest is in its twelfth year! I’ve participated since 2019. Read about the details by clicking on this link to Susanna’s Halloweensie post. This year the story has to be 100 words or less and must include the words slither, scare, and treat.

Here are my stories:


Safe From Scares

By Sarah Meade

Word Count: 100

Last Halloween was scary for Granny. 

“Too many tricks,” she said.

This year I’ll keep her safe.

We wear twin witch costumes.

I hold Granny’s hand.

As we cross the street I spy . . . 

A slithering snake!

My broom shields Granny’s eyes. 

Then I hear . . .

A horrific howl!

I start to sing. “Trick-or-treat, trick-or-treat, candy corn is super-sweet!” 

Granny giggles.

We walk on.

We pass the cemetery. 

I get goosebumps.

I hug Granny so she doesn’t feel frightened.

Back home, we share sweets and sip cider.

“How was Halloween?” I ask.

“With you by my side,” Granny says, “a total treat.”


Claudia Maude Clickerticker’s Costume Shop

By Sarah Meade

Word Count: 100

In October, Claudia Maude Clickerticker’s costume shop hopped non-stop.

“I need a gown.”

“Witchy wear?” 

“Dracula digs?”

“Easy-breezy!” Claudia winked.

On Halloween, Claudia was about to lock up when . . .

A girl sniffled. “I wanted to be something spectacular.”

Claudia smiled. “We’ll find something spectacular or my name isn’t Claudia Maude Clickerticker.”

She presented a dress. “Princess?”

“Too frilly.” 


“Too silly.” 


“Too scary!” The girl sighed. “Maybe I’ll skip trick-or-treats.”

“Nonsense,” Claudia said. 

She rummaged around . . .

 till she found . . . 

“A snake!” The girl gasped. “Scaly! Slithery! SPECTACULAR!” 


“Thanks, Claudia Maude Clickerticker!” The girl waved.

Claudia winked. “Happy Halloween!”

You can read all of the Halloweensie stories in the comments section if you click on this link to the official Halloweensie 2022 post.

In case you missed it . . . Here’s a link to my October News post, including magazine acceptances and publications, kid-lit community opportunities, books we love, and my sweet treat of reading aloud to my son’s class.

Thanks for reading!


Published by Sarah Meade

Children's Writer

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  1. I love how your stories came out. It’s really sweet your MC spent time with Granny for Halloween and protected her. I want to go to Claudia Maude Clickerticker’s Costume Shop. The illustrator would have so much fun creating that world. Good luck in the contest!

    Liked by 2 people

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