Birthday! Birthday! Writing Contest

Wonderful kid lit writers Amy Leskowski and Gennie Gorback both celebrate birthdays on November 23, so they teamed up for a NEW and super-fun writing contest. For more information about Amy and Gennie’s Birthday! Birthday! Writing Contest, click here and here.

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You can read more of the contest stories in the comments section of the contest page by clicking here.

Here’s my Birthday! Birthday! story.

Piper’s Pumpkin Party

By Sarah Meade

Word Count: 100

Piper’s having a party! A PUMPKIN party!

She picks up her pen to plan.

She’ll pour pumpkin punch,

serve pumpkin cookies and pumpkin pie, 

and create pumpkin pyramids!

She’ll procure plenty of pumpkins for crafts, too.

Now all Piper needs is . . . pumpkins.

When she reaches the pumpkin patch– the sign says SOLD OUT. 

Piper frowns.

She tries the farm down the road– NO PUMPKINS

Piper pouts.

Finally at the supermarket– not a pumpkin to be purchased.


No pumpkins?! 

She ponders.

She peruses the produce section. 

Then . . .

Piper spies a sale . . . Aha!

Piper’s having a party. 


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Happy birthday to Amy and Gennie!

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Thanks for reading!

Published by Sarah Meade

Children's Writer

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  1. Such a fun twist on Peter Piper. The p alliteration is so much fun to read throughout. The ending is so much is awesome! The two words you chose from each list were a big part of this piece. 😉. It came out so good! Good luck!

    Liked by 1 person

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