Valentine’s Day Books We Love AND Valentiny Contest!

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I’ve always loved holiday picture books, and there’s something so sweet and special about reading Valentine’s Day stories with little ones in February. Here are some fun ones!

Today is also the day Susanna Leonard Hill’s Valentiny contest opens up! I love Susanna’s contests and have been participating happily since December of 2018. You can read the rules and all the Valentiny stories on Susanna’s blog by clicking on this link. I’m thrilled to be a prize donor this time around!

This year I wrote three stories for Valentiny. Each had to be 214 words or less, written for children, a Valentine’s story, and feature bravery.


By Sarah Meade

Word Count: 214

Violet Monster invited everyone to her Valentine’s party. 

Except . . . her new neighbor. 

He gave Violet the skeevy-creepies. 

Nobody knew his name, but his initials were on his mailbox: V.V.

He was mysterious.

And scary, even for a monster.

Violet’s Valentine’s party really ROCKED.

But Violet felt the skeevy-creepies.

The lights flickered.

“My decorations!” 


“My desserts!” 


“WHAT’S HAPPENING?” Violet screeched.

The music stopped. 

The other monsters stared. 

Violet shook with shock. “Who did this?”

Someone stepped into the light. 

Violet gasped. “Vampire!”

“It’s Vincent,” he said. “I don’t DO Valentine’s Day.”

He wink-blinked and —


Flew away.

“V.V. must stand for VALENTINE’S VAMPIRE,” said Violet, “because he’s trying to suck the FUN out of February fourteenth!” 

She stomp-tromped next door.

When she passed V.V.’s mailbox, she gave it a good kick.

Something fluttered out.

A valentine?

She picked it up. 

Nope, a birthday card. 

Today was Vincent’s birthday? 

Violet took a deep breath . . .

And knocked.

The door opened. 

“It’s your birthday?” Violet asked.

“Yep.” Vincent groaned. “I never get a birthday party.”

“I’m sorry,” Violet said.

“Me too.”

Violet smiled. “How about I throw you one?” 



For the first time since Vincent moved in,

Violet didn’t get the skeevy-creepies. 

She felt the fluffy-fuzzies.  

“Happy birthday, Vincent Valentine!”


By Sarah Meade

Word Count: 207

Almost there.

Mom sings along to love songs on the radio as she drives.

Jana stares down at her sparkly red fingernails. 

They match her Valentine’s Day dress.

She thinks about last time, 

even though she doesn’t want to.

How scared she’d been.

The strange smells, 

scary sounds,

sad faces.

Jana shivers.

She doesn’t want to go back there today.

When the car stops, 

Jana feels her breath catch. 

“I’m scared,” she whispers. 

“I’ll be with you,” Mom says. 

Jana carries her valentine in shaking hands.

They step

up the sidewalk,

through the sliding doors.


The strange smells, 

scary sounds,

sad faces.


Jana swallows.

She slides behind Mom,

tries not to breathe,

or hear,

or see.

Outside Gram’s room, they pause. 

“See? You’re OK,” Mom says.

Jana nods, her face hot.

She goes to Gram’s bed. 

“Happy Valentine’s Day,” she whispers.

Gram’s same small smile.

Jana places the valentine in Gram’s hands.

“Thank . . . you,” Gram murmurs. 

She grabs Jana’s hand and squeezes.

Jana gasps. 

“Pretty. . . nails,” Gram whispers.

Jana smiles. “Sparkly red like valentines. It’s your favorite holiday.”

Gram nods.

“Gram?” Jana says. “Want me to paint your nails, too?”

Gram’s face lights up.

Jana’s hands don’t shake at all as she begins to paint.

Mole & Miss Vole on Valentine’s Day

By Sarah Meade

Word Count: 214

Mole liked slow strolls, quiet gardens, casseroles (nothing too spicy), and . . . 

his new neighbor, Miss Vole. 

Every day Mole waved as he strolled past her home.

One morning Miss Vole squealed, “Tomorrow’s Valentine’s Day!”

Mole paused. “Oh?”

“Let’s meet and share things we LOVE!”

Mole nodded and headed home.

That night he worried. 

What did Miss Vole love? 




Would she like him?

The next day Miss Vole arrived with — 

“Roller skates?” Mole murmured.

“I LOVE skating!” 

Mole gulped.  

“Race you down Holiday Hill!” Miss Vole cried.

Mole’s heart hammered.

“Too fast,” he called. 

“I LOVE bowling too!” Miss Vole said. 

Mole gulped. 

At Bowl-a-Rama . . . 




Mole’s ears rang.

“Too loud,” he said. 

“Let’s have lunch!” said Miss Vole.

At Miss Vole’s house, she asked, “Do you love . . . 


“Yes!” Mole cried. “Do YOU?”
“The spicier, the better! Have some.” 

Mole gulped.

His paws shook. 

He opened wide . . . 

and chewed. 

“Sorry,” he said. “Too spicy for me.”

Miss Vole smiled. “What else do YOU love, Mole?” 

He swallowed. 

“Follow me.”

They strolled.

In the garden, Mole picked a bouquet.

“For you.” 

“I LOVE it!” 

Mole’s heart hammered in a different way.

“Want to try skating again tomorrow?” he asked. “No hills?”

“I’d LOVE to!”

“Happy Valentine’s Day, Miss Vole!”

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Thank you so much for reading!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Published by Sarah Meade

Children's Writer

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  1. Wow Sarah! Three entries! And a nursing home one as well. Great job with all of them, and each is so different from one another! Good luck!

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