The Story of Leonardo Da Vinci by Ciara O’Neal Review, Plus Thursday Read-Throughs

I’m delighted to share my review of this book:

The Story of Leonardo Da Vinci: A Biography for New Readers is written by my Critique Sister and longtime writer buddy, Ciara O’Neal! The engaging illustrations throughout the book are created by the talented Pearl Law.

“A Biography Book for New Readers” is a perfect description. Several features make the book accessible and engaging for young readers, including colorful graphics throughout, Jump in the Think Tank questions to extend learning, a knowledge test at the end, and a handy glossary. I also appreciated the Myth Vs. Fact sections. Ciara’s conversational writing style makes some of the more abstract concepts manageable for kids, too. When I taught fourth grade, my students worked on biography projects, and this book would be perfect for this!

Ciara makes Leonardo Da Vinci’s biography come alive with details about his everyday activities throughout his life. I love that Leonardo used to bring a notebook with him wherever he went, and I can relate. The part about the battle between Da Vinci and Michelangelo is fascinating to me as well! I love how inspiring this book is, with lines like this one: “Leonardo was right, after all: Humans can soar.”

Thank you to the publisher for providing my free review copy of The Life of Leonardo Da Vinci!

You can find out more about Ciara O’Neal on her website here.

You can check out THE LIFE OF LEONARDO DA VINCI and read it free on Kindle Unlimited here.

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Thanks for reading!

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