Twenty-Five Days of Christmas Books

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This year I tried the 25 Days of Christmas Books with my two small children. I opted out of wrapping 25 books and leaving them under the tree, because they would have all been unwrapped on the first day. Instead, every morning in December, I set out a stocking under our tree with a new Christmas book tucked inside.

Here are the books my littles ones found, read, and reread this month:

December 1
December 2
December 3
December 4
December 5
December 6
December 7
December 8
December 9
December 10
December 11
December 12
December 13

December 14 (I bought this interactive book at a yard sale a few years ago and saved it till my little ones were old enough to decorate the trees with the tiny pieces.)

December 15 (My children absolutely love books like this.)
December 16 (I LOVE Little Golden Books. I have a huge collection.)
December 17
December 18
December 19
December 20 (This older book was a surprisingly big hit with my daughter.)
December 21
December 22 (My daughter loves Fancy Nancy and squealed about this book.)
December 23 (We already had this one, but it’s a special copy since it’s signed by the author.)
December 24 (I think my son will love this, because he’s into nonfiction.)

December 25 will include books too, but they’re all wrapped up and ready to go under the tree!

Here’s what I learned from my first year of trying the 25 Days of Christmas Books. Some of the books I bought new this year, one I bought last year after Christmas specifically to give as a gift this year, and some I bought used at my local Habitat for Humanity ReStore. Around December 20 I realized I was going to be two books short. I jumped online and ordered two that looked fun. They didn’t arrive on time, so I ended up using a book we already had one morning. Lightbulb moment! I already own a lot of Christmas books. I don’t need to buy 25 new books every year. So next year, instead of pulling out all my holiday books the day after Thanksgiving when my family and I put up our Christmas tree, I’ll put out a few books a day, like the little gifts that they are.

Many parents present their books at night for bedtime stories. I set mine under the tree to be discovered every morning, after finding our elf. This worked for my family, because we tend to read a lot in the morning. (It also took some attention away from the elf, which is OK with me.)

Our elf does not have a consistent name. He’s still “the elf.” Maybe next year we’ll name him properly.

Did you and your family do the 25 Days of Christmas Books?

What’s your favorite holiday book?

GIF by Debbie Ridpath Ohi from GIPHY

Merry Christmas!

Happy holidays!

Thanks for reading.

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  1. I tried to read Christmas books every day this year to make it fun for the kids. Have you read, THE NIGHT BEFORE THE NIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS? I remembered it this year. Enjoy your Christmas Sarah!


  2. We read a lot about holiday traditions (and cookies) around the world this year. I usually bring out all the Christmas books when we decorate for Christmas but I like your idea of leaving them out, little by little, to be discovered in the morning 🙂


  3. That sounds like a lovely tradition, Sarah! I wish I would have thought of that when the boys were young. Just waiting for them to have kids now and I can do those fun things again!


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