Candy Cane Clara: Holiday Helpers Writing Contest #3

This is my third (and final) story for Susanna Hill’s Holiday Helpers contest for children’s writers.


By Sarah Meade

Word Count: 250

Clara loved candy canes. 

Their bright stripes, sweet smell, and handy hooks.  

She kept every candy cane she received, but she never, ever ate them.

One day Clara decided to get creative with her colossal collection. 

She drafted and then began . . .


Clara strung and sung, created and crooned until . . .

she ran out! 

The Ho-Ho-Hollyfest was coming. Clara planned to win more candy canes at the Christmas Carnival. Last year Clara set the record for most candy canes earned: 217!

She needed more candy canes now that she’d begun her crafty creations!

She vowed to break her record and double her collection.

Clara and her friends arrived at Ho-Ho-Hollyfest.

“Where are the prizes?” asked Pippa.

“Where are the toys?” asked Jake.

“Where are the CANDY CANES?” cried Clara.

“I can’t find the prizes!” Miss Frost sniffled. “They must’ve fallen off the truck.”

No prizes?

No candy canes?

No breaking her record and doubling her collection?

Clara’s eyes stung with tears. 

Then she saw the faces of her friends. 

She considered. Maybe . . .

“I can help!” 

Clara hurried home. 

Quick as an elf, she dashed to her stash.

She sang as she collected . . .

“Candy-cane blocks in a candy-cane stack!

Candy-cane trains on a candy-cane track!

Candy-cane cars with candy-cane tires!

Candy-cane dragons breathing candy-cane fire!

Candy-cane dolls with candy-cane hair!


Clara carted her sweet treats back to the Christmas Carnival.

“Wow!” Pippa gasped.

“Amazing!” Jake cheered.

“Oh my!” Miss Frost cried.

“Happy Ho-Ho-Hollyfest!” Clara called. “Aren’t candy canes the best?”

Photo by Nataliya Vaitkevich from Pexels

Thank you for reading!

Published by Sarah Meade

Children's Writer

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  1. Well done Sarah. You transformed this story completely. I like how you had her sing that one section in this one. Nice job! Good luck!

    Liked by 1 person

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