Fall Writing Frenzy 2020: Chippy Little

I’m delighted to be participating for the second year in the Fall Writing Frenzy contest, hosted by Kaitlyn Sanchez and Lydia Lukidis. Click for info on the rules: https://lydialukidis.wordpress.com/fall-writing-frenzy-contest-2020/



Sarah Meade

Word Count: 200

Two chipmunks chased each other up and down and around the tall trees on Folly Farm.

“Oh MY!” Chippy Little chirped. “Something’s falling from the SKY!”

Chippo Jumbo chuckled. “Yes, they’re–”

“I’ll go warn everyone!” 

Chippy Little charged toward the barnyard.

“Friends, come quick!” Chippy chirped. “Something’s falling from the SKY!” 

The cows came.

The horses hurried.

The donkeys dashed.

The others scurried.

Everyone paraded past the pond.

“Friends, come quick!” Chippy chirped. “Something’s falling FROM THE SKY!”

The swans scrambled.

The ducks waddled.

The turtles trudged.

The others toddled.

Everybody arrived at the tall trees. 

“See?” Chippy chirped. “SOMETHING’S FALLING FROM THE SKY!”

Everyone looked up. 

Some balked.

Some squawked.

They all began to talk.

Something landed on Chippy Little’s head!

“Nooooooo!” She screeched. “Save me! Save yourselves!”

Chippo Jumbo chuckled. “They’re just LEAVES!” 

“Leaves?” chirped Chippy Little. “Oh.” 

The others stared.

“Oops.” Chippy’s chin quivered.   

“Chin up, Chippy!” Chippo Jumbo winked. He pointed to a large pile.

Chippy Little smiled and turned to face their friends.

“Since you’re here, how about a…


Everyone cheered. 

They pranced and danced, entranced by the leaves.

Chippo Jumbo chuckled and Chippy Little laughed as . . .

Leaves flittered

And fluttered

And fell.

This is the image that inspired my story.

Check out the other Fall Writing Frenzy stories here: https://lydialukidis.wordpress.com/2020/09/30/fall-writing-frenzy-entry-form/

What’s your favorite part of fall?

Thanks for reading!

Published by Sarah Meade

Children's Writer

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  1. Such an adorable story, Sarah! I love the build-up and anticipation for what’s falling from the sky. Great climax! So much fun to read! Nice job! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I love your chipmunks. Our neighborhood is filled with chipmunks (and squirrels!). I especially like reading the part when Chippy gathers the other animals — hurried/scurried and waddled/toddled are very satisfying to say.

    Liked by 1 person

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