#SunWriteFun Contest: Seafood Shack

Seafood Shack


Sarah Meade 

Word Count: 197

“Welcome to Seafood Shack! I’m Melody, and I’ll be serving you tonight. Our specials are lobster thermidor and crab cakes. What can I get you to drink?” 

“Lemonade, please,” said Mom.

“Same here,” said Dad.

“Me too,” said Casey.

“OK, I’ll be right back!” 

“I think I’ll have the lobster,” said Dad.

“Crab cakes for me,” said Mom.

“Did you know,” Casey said, “lobsters and crabs have exoskeletons that they shed as they grow?”

“Really?” said Mom.

“You don’t say,” said Dad.

“Yes, it’s called molting,” said Casey.

“Ah,” said Dad.

“It smells amazing in here,” said Mom.

“Crabs have a great sense of smell,” said Casey. “Lobsters, too.”

“Hmmmm,” said Mom.

“I am hunnnnngry,” said Dad. “My stomach’s groooowling.”

“A lobster’s teeth are INSIDE its stomach,” said Casey. 

“Ugh,” said Dad.

“Ew,” muttered Mom.

“Here are your drinks!” Melody said. “Can I take your order? Who’s up for lobster? Or crab cakes?”

“Uh, I’ll have the … scallops,” said Mom.

“Same here,” said Dad.

“Did you know,” said Casey, “each scallop has 200 blue eyes?”

Everyone stared.

“I’ll have the mac and cheese, please.” Casey said.

“Same here,” said Dad.

Mom sighed. “Me too.”

Casey grinned. 

Seafood Shack is my story for the #SunWriteFun writing contest. Each entry has to be 200 words or less, nonfiction or informational fiction, and written for children aged 4-12.

The rules for the contest are here: https://www.karengreenwald.com/contests

Check out the link to read all the other contest entries.

Thanks for reading!

Published by Sarah Meade

Children's Writer

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