Susanna Leonard Hill’s Mix’n’Match Mini Writing Challenge

Susanna Leonard Hill has created another fun challenge for kidlit authors: seven weeks of writing prompts! Read all about it here:

Here are the stories I’ve written so far…

Week 1:


By Sarah Meade

“We’re here!” Mom says.
“Woohoo!” Brewer cheers. “Let’s swim!”
“Yes!” Elena says. “But first: sandcastles!”
“Done,” says Brewer.
“No, a whole kingdom.”
Brewer sighs.
“Ready to swim?”
“Almost! But first: sand names!”
“Done,” says Brewer.
“No, our whole names.”
Brewer scowls.
“I want to swim!”
“Me too,” says Elena, “but first: a snack.”
“Done,” says Brewer.
“Now I’m thirsty.”
Brewer groans.
“Are you ready NOW?”
They race toward the waves.
Elena runs back under the umbrella.
Brewer trudges back.
Rain pelts their kingdom and erases their names.
“I really wanted to swim,” Brewer mutters.
“You know what?” says Elena. “Let’s go!”
Brewer blinks.
He looks at Mom. She nods.

Week 2:

Jack and Jill (and Jen) Go Up the Hill Again

By Sarah Meade

Word Count: 161

The twins are always asking me for things.
Yesterday it was, “Will you help us make lemonade?”
Of course, I said yes.
That’s what big sisters do.
But that doesn’t mean I do everything for Jack and Jill.
I’m trying to teach them independence.
“Yes, go gather the ingredients.”
Jack found lemons. Jill found sugar.
“Go fetch the water,” I said.
I ran inside to whip up some sweet treats.
No sooner had I slid the cookies into the oven when I heard a shriek.
“I fell down,” Jack whimpered.
“I came tumbling after,” Jill bawled. “Ow!”
“My crown,” Jack sniffled.
I hugged them. “Let’s try this again.”
We headed up the hill hand in hand.
Jack carried the empty pail.
Jill filled it.
I lugged it home.
I cut the lemons. Jack squeezed the juice. Jill added the sugar. I poured the water. We all stirred.
“Delicious!” said Jack.
“Thank you, Jen!” said Jill.
“That’s what big sisters are for.”

Week 3:

Pip & Dip
By Sarah Meade
Word Count: 105

Pip the pup winds up Dip the duck.
Time for adventures!
Pip claps. Dip flaps.
Pip and Dip duck out the door.

Pip and Dip slip off to the library.
So many books!
Pip yap-yap-yaps!
Dip quack-quack-quacks!
Time to zip!

Pip and Dip slip off to the movies.
So much popcorn!
Pip yap-yap-yaps!
Dip quack-quack-quacks!
Time to zip!

Pip and Dip slip off to the daycare.
So many nappers!
Pip yap-yap-yaps!
Dip quack-quack-quacks!
Time to zip!

Pip and Dip trip-trap home.
So. Many. Steps.
Pip yip-yap-yawns.
Dip quick-quack-sighs.
Home. At. Last.
Pip flops. Zip plops.
Time to nip-nap.

Week 4:

Goldie Goes to the Beach
By Sarah Meade
Word Count: 205

Goldie shimmies into her swimsuit, slides on her shades, and skips out the door.
“To the beach!”
When she arrives, she’s all alone.
“Bummer!” Goldie knows she can’t swim without a buddy.
She saunters along the sand until…
Goldie opens a cooler.
She nibbles the first one.
“Yuck! Too spicy.”
The second: “Eww! Mayonnaise.”
The third: “Yum! PB & J! Juuuuust right.”
Goldie munches away.
She peeks in a beach bag.
The first one: “Too long.”
The second: “Too short.”
The third: “Yay! Dr. Seuss! Juuuuust right.”
Goldie tries out each beach towel.
The first: “Too scratchy.”
The second: “Too thin.”
The third: “Oooooh! Fuzzy fleece! Juuuuust right.”
Goldie stretches out to read.
The sun makes her soooooo sleepy.
Three bears in bathing suits gasp.
The baby bear drops his bucket of seashells on the sand.
“Hey! Who’s been eating our lunch?” says the daddy bear.
“Who’s been reading our books?” says the mommy bear.
“Who’s snoring on my towel?” says the baby bear.
Goldie opens her eyes and scrambles up.
“Buddies!” she squeals.
The daddy bear balks. The mommy bear blinks.
The baby bear… beams.
“Want to swim?” asks the baby bear.
“Yippeeee!” Goldilocks grabs his paw.
Splash! Splash!
“Juuuuuuust right.”

Week 5:

How to Pamper Your Porcupine
By Sarah Meade
Word Count: 143

Has your porcupine had a hard week?
It’s time for some self-care!
Pampering will take your porcupine from prickly to peaceful.
On Sunday, gather supplies and set up your spa.
Calming colors, soothing sounds, and sweet scents will make your porcupine feel soooooo serene.
Monday: meditation and mindfulness.
Your porcupine will “ommmmmm” with you.
Tuesday: Tai Chi.
Then tea for two.
Wednesday: body wraps
Then the whirlpool.
Thursday: facials and pedicures.
“Pick your color!”
Your porcupine will choose a blissful bluuuuuue.
Friday: massages (careful!) and quill care.
Your porcupine will rest and reeeeeeelax.
Saturday: sauna.
The two of you will sweat.
Then a cold plunge.
Your porcupine will sigh and smiiiiiiiiiile.
The two of you will feel sooooooooo peaceful.
Maybe a bit too peaceful.
Next week: Adventures awaits!
On Sunday, set up your zipline course…

  • Thanks for reading!

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